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Latest from the Blog

Trusting your gut

With the world we live in nowadays there isn’t many things or people you can trust. No matter what you do or are trying to do one thing you can always trust is your gut. If you don’t know what that means its very simple. Anytime you are trying to make a decision or somethingContinue reading “Trusting your gut”

Self Destruct Mode

What do I mean by Self Destruct Mode? Yes we all do it in some form maybe not as extreme as everyone else. I’ve had many self destruct moments -thankfully my self destruct modes I’ve only done things I’ve had to apologize for later. Some ppls self destruct mode involves drugs which I never haveContinue reading “Self Destruct Mode”

Admitting you are wrong

None of us to like admit we are wrong. Most of the time even when we are wrong we won’t admit it. What I’ve been learning recently is I’ve been wrong about alot more things than I usually am. Being told you are wrong I think you personally put up a defense mechanism and youContinue reading “Admitting you are wrong”

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