Corona Virus


Decided to write about this life changing event we call the Corona Virus and how it not only affects us but the people around us.

I’ve learned in the past week I haven’t taken this seriously enough. Hell none of us did especially the government. My whole thinking during this pandemic was to make sure I didn’t get it. Someone very special to me made me realize recently it’s not so much about me……it should be about other people too. I got upset by some of the things she said to me…..So I took a step back and thought about it and realized she was right and that’s probably why I got so upset about it. We all should fear this thing if not for ourselves but for our family, friends and those who are special to us. I’ve been a lifer in the Bar Industry and I truly believe that most workers in the Industry won’t get this virus at the rate other ppl do BUT it doesn’t mean we won’t catch it and give it to someone else. There are the ppl who don’t follow protocol or don’t follow wearing masks or washing hands or whatever it maybe that will spread this at a alarming rate. Today I’m honestly thinking of the leaving the Industry I love…….. not because I want to but because I need to think about more than just me at this point. Another thing I have learned about this pandemic is nobody has the answers when it comes to this. Also when it comes to peoples point of view or how they think about this or say about this is not WRONG it’s their opinion and they have the right to feel the way they want towards it. Are my views right about what’s going on ? ABSOLUTELY NOT but they are my views. Is the person sitting next to you views always right about this? AGAIN ABSOLUTELY NOT

We all hear different things on what you should and shouldn’t do. We all hear if doing this or doing that is bad for you. My advice is do not listen to anything on social media because social media is made to fudge numbers and give unverified info….plus it always always about just writing a story. Make sure if you read up on things it comes from a reliable source. Everyone on social media says they are a expert but how can you be a expert on this if this is the 1st time we have ever gone through this?

I challenge all of you today to think about if you have done something today to help the curve on this virus whether it maybe – wearing a mask when you are in a uber – when walking into stores using hand sanitizers after touching something – it can be anything just do something no matter how small or if you have that mentality that the smallest thing won’t matter trust me it will. If you haven’t hopefully reading this will make you do something today!!!

Until the next BLOG – now go wash your damn hands

Be safe out there,


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