My 2nd Blog -Ill keep this 1 short

What Sundays mean to me and why they are my favorite day of the week

Sundays are what I call “Popsday”it’s a day I spend with my pops and just hangout all day and cook. With my pops being 86yrs old I know the day will come when “Popsday” will be no more. With losing my mom a couple years ago I caught myself saying “I wish I would of done this or that for her”. With Pops you are going to hear me say “I’ve done this or that for him”. While Pops will never say he enjoys these Sundays I know he does because even today he’s like “Ok you are cooking steaks today”. Most of the time he’s like a 86yr old kid. He drives me nuts and frustrates me sometimes but at least he’s still here to do that to me. As we all grow older we realize family is most important to us (hopefully we should anyways). Think about this – Will you say ” I wish I did this or that for them or will you say I’ve done this or that for them”

I’ll end this blog with a couple questions?

-Do you spend as much time with your pops or mom as you should (if they are still alive)

-Do you call them enough?

-Do you visit them enough ?

MOST IMPORTANLY -Do you tell them you love them enough?

Until the next blog

Stay safe out there,

Kevin G

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