What is a Dog


So many people have different opinions on dogs. Some say they love them and other says dogs are mean. Well I’ve had dogs since I was a little kid and NOT once did we ever have a mean dog. Dogs act the way you treat them. If you are mean to them yeah they are gonna be mean in return BUT if you treat your dog well and show them love they will return it 10 fold.

Sooooooo onto my dog Declan. He changed my life. Declan was my moms’ dying wish for my pops but turns out he ended up changing my life instead.

When I got Declan I was in a bad place dealing with my Moms’ passing. I would drink every night and drink to the point where I’d drink until I blacked out so I could forget.

Once I got Declan I remember driving home with him and seeing that little puppy face and it hit me. I’ve got to step up here and train him and spend time with him. So I stopped drinking for 8 months and came straight home everyday after work.

As I started to train him I realized I needed to make sure he kept a eye on my pops who at that time was 84yrs old. So I trained him as when I wanted him to look after my pops id call him grandpa. Now the 2 of them are joined at the hip and hes soooooooo protective of him.

No matter what kinda day I’m having and especially now with this Coronavirus stuff going. Declan somehow does just silly stuff or just acts like a fool as he knows I’m having a bad day. They have a uncanny way of reading ppl and have a amazing personality if you let them.

I treat my Declan just like a human. I talk to him like he understands everything I tell him and if you saw him alot of times he actually does. For those of you who have a dog im sure you know what I’m talking about. Dogs do talk back to you sometimes they do it in weird ways though.

Dogs are so much more than just a dog. They truly are our best friend. No matter if you yell at them or not they will never hold that against you. You can be having a bad day and they will still love you as always.

Declan is 2 1/2 yrs old now and honestly I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without him. While people may read this and think blah blah blah or whatever. Declan might of saved my life or at the very least saved me from going down a path I wouldn’t of came back from.

So what is a Dog? YES ill admit it . DECLAN is my best friend. I’m sure most of you who have a dog will admit that too.

Final thing -Don’t get me wrong a dog is NOT for everyone. If you do not have the time to be with him or train him DO NOT get a dog its not fair to them.

Until tomorrow

Stay safe out there,

Kevin G

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