Day 5 Blog

While Chicago may have alot of crime and killings lately 1 thing that will never change is Chicago is 1 of the most beautiful cities.

I think alot of times we forget how beautiful and how unique this city is. Whether you live on the southside /northside/eastside or westside check out what the city has to offer.

With this pandemic going on obviously we will be losing alot of things that makes this city so great like parades/street fests/concerts and block parties.

Today I was out and about with someone and we just decided to take a walk (a long one) around the city. We walked though neighborhoods and just checked out the different buildings and what some of the streets looked like. We were amazed how certain buildings were this or that. As we walked and walked we ran into random ppl doing just random stuff and it made you laugh and realize this is what Chicago is about. As we walked downtown is when I really realized I’ve been slacking on just enjoying Chicago for what it is. I think everyone just needs to take a step back from everything that is going on and take a walk around different neighborhoods or downtown or anywhere and just enjoy this city. Who knows you might just appreciate this city a little more than you did before.

Until the next blog

Stay safe out there ,

Kevin G

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