Blog 7

Dreams? What do they mean and why do we have them?

Have you ever had a really really bad dream you couldn’t wake up from right away? Have you ever had a dream you wish you could go back and finish?

This is my personal opinion on dreams again this is just my personal opinion on this so don’t take it to heart.

I think when we have dreams 90 percent of our dreams are about something we did or someone we were around most of that day or the prior day. I think our brain while we are sleeping continues to see things we saw all day or someone we been around all day.

Onto the 10 percent part of dreams – this is where it gets tricky, fun and sometimes scary.

I believe these dreams are our fears and hopes. These are the dreams we can’t wake up from fast enough or can’t go back to sleep fast enough. Why do we have these dreams? I have no idea. Why is it when we have a bad dream we can’t wake up from it fast enough but when we are having a good dream we wake up too fast? Again have no idea. I have this dream alot where I for some reason don’t know how to drive and always smash into other cars and the brakes don’t work. Here’s your challenge for today – think of the best dream you ever had and see if any part of that has come true.

Stay safe out there,

Kevin G

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