Unemployment vs Working

Let me 1st start off by saying none of us who have worked for years and years want to be on unemployment. But with this COVID that is going on and getting a extra $600 a week for some makes it hard decision here is why.

With the extra $600 ending end of this month and the uncertainty of if or when the 2nd phase of COVID erupts again makes it even harder to decide what to do.

Ex. If you go back to work and make $1 more than your weekly amount you lose the extra $600 and some ppl are using that extra $600 as a back up plan for the 2nd phase and if it happens they have some sort of cushion

On the other hand if you dont go back to work whether its not enough hours or you just dont feel comfortable going back you can lose your unemployment and in the end your job.

The way its set up now should be changed to make it easier for ppl to go back to work without taking a hit….

If you go back to work give them $300 extra a week and if they feel uncomfortable going back for just reasons make it OK for them to continue to collect unemployment.

We all know this won’t last forever but if we are just giving money out let’s find ways to make it work on every end from the owners to workers.

Stay safe,

Kevin G

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