Growing up things were so much different than they are now. We need to get the kids back to doing things the old school way.

Growing up is so different than it is now for kids.

I grew up on 42nd and Wallace in Canaryville. It was during a time when everyone treated each other like family. We went outside to play we got dirty and we ate whatever your mom cooked….we ate chips with $.25 quarter juices and gummies. We hung out in the alley or in front of the house. We played “Kick the Can”, “Hide and Seek” , “rode our bikes”, and “chase” in the street, and got wet in the pump making our own pool.We walked home from Boyce park with our friends without a care in the world. Everybody watched everybody else’s kids as they would their own. We weren’t AFRAID OF ANYTHING BUT STRAY DOGS (and most of them knew us, and left us alone). If someone had a fight, that’s what it was, a FIST fight… People didn’t pull out GUNS when FIGHTING. The street lights was our reminder to get yo butt to the front of the house you lived in so you can hear your mom when she yells your name to come in for the night. School was mandatory. We watched our mouths around our elders because we knew If you DISRESPECTED any grown up you’re gonna get HIT with whatever’s close.

How do we get back to this ??

Stay safe out there,

Kevin G

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