Why is life life ? Why is there so many decisions ? How do we know if we are making the right one?

Life is funny because even though you never usually get a chance to re-do something in life. When that time does come how do we know if its the right decision to do the opposite of last time?

Life is like a road trip without a map. While we all will get lost along the way everyone eventually comes to their destiny. What we do during that time will make the road trip fun or boring. When you drive do you always follow directions and the speed limit or do you like to take short cuts or go past the speed limit?

We all choose our own choices we make and in life its what makes our life exciting or boring. While we will never make all the right choices – its the choices that don’t work out so well that make us who we are.

Live life as you want it dont live it for someone else. If you can’t make yourself happy you’ll never make anyone else happy.

Stay safe out there,

Kevin G

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