Admitting you are wrong

None of us to like admit we are wrong. Most of the time even when we are wrong we won’t admit it. What I’ve been learning recently is I’ve been wrong about alot more things than I usually am. Being told you are wrong I think you personally put up a defense mechanism and you get all offended. You don’t realize you are wrong until some time later and sometimes so late that your like WTF. It’s never to late to admit you are wrong. None of us are perfect. What we all need to do next time someone tells us we are wrong don’t get all offended about it right way take a step back take a deep breathe and think about why they say we are wrong.(But just because someone says we are wrong doesn’t really mean we are all the time- we have to look at their perspective on why they say that)

This is probably the hardest thing I’m learning to deal with right now. Admitting it is the 1st step – apologizing is the 2nd – but even in the end if you are not wrong don’t get offended and say or do stupid things to person who is telling you this. (Remember the way you feel about being wrong is maybe the same way they feel about it too)

Just my 2 cents,

Kevin G

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