Self Destruct Mode

What do I mean by Self Destruct Mode? Yes we all do it in some form maybe not as extreme as everyone else.

I’ve had many self destruct moments -thankfully my self destruct modes I’ve only done things I’ve had to apologize for later. Some ppls self destruct mode involves drugs which I never have done or never will.

The thing about self destruct mode is this- no matter whats going on and no matter what you say to someone in the end it only hurts you.

Think about the last time you got in that mode and I bet you’ve said or done things to ppl you care about. When it was over a day or 2 later what have you only really done? You messed up things for yourself with them.

Just a thought here – before you go into a self destruct mode find some puppy videos or funny baby videos and im sure the self destruct mode will start to pass.

Stay safe out there

Kevin G

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