Trusting your gut

With the world we live in nowadays there isn’t many things or people you can trust. No matter what you do or are trying to do one thing you can always trust is your gut. If you don’t know what that means its very simple. Anytime you are trying to make a decision or somethingContinue reading “Trusting your gut”

Self Destruct Mode

What do I mean by Self Destruct Mode? Yes we all do it in some form maybe not as extreme as everyone else. I’ve had many self destruct moments -thankfully my self destruct modes I’ve only done things I’ve had to apologize for later. Some ppls self destruct mode involves drugs which I never haveContinue reading “Self Destruct Mode”


Why is life life ? Why is there so many decisions ? How do we know if we are making the right one? Life is funny because even though you never usually get a chance to re-do something in life. When that time does come how do we know if its the right decision toContinue reading “Life”


Growing up things were so much different than they are now. We need to get the kids back to doing things the old school way. Growing up is so different than it is now for kids. I grew up on 42nd and Wallace in Canaryville. It was during a time when everyone treated each otherContinue reading “GROWING UP”

Stay in your lane

Alot of people get out of their lanes sometimes. While there is nothing wrong with going in the wrong lane you need to make sure you get back in your lane you belong. For those of you who need to understand what “Stay in your lane” means here are some examples. Ex. If you tellContinue reading “Stay in your lane”


Blog 7 Dreams? What do they mean and why do we have them? Have you ever had a really really bad dream you couldn’t wake up from right away? Have you ever had a dream you wish you could go back and finish? This is my personal opinion on dreams again this is just myContinue reading “Dreams”


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